27 June 2011


"Bison at Yellowstone" copyright ROGER MINICK 2005

"Cowboys & Indians at Crater Lake" copyright ROGER MINICK 2005

From PINHOLGA SERIES of small figurines in real landscapes...


19 June 2011


STEPAWAY MAGAZINE – Online Poetry Magazine

BOB MINICK 1925 - 2009 / Happy Father's Day!

"Bob with Banjo" copyright Roger Minick 2004

My father Bob at the beach in Carlsbad, CA, a few years before he passed away. He loved the banjo and singing traditional/folk/gospel songs. He loved people and they loved him. During his rich and long life (1925-2009), he reinvented himself several times: farmer, conscientious objector, preacher, house builder, high school teacher, family man, novelist, politician, restauranteur, beekeeper, banjo-raconteur, newspaper-blogger, and general rabble-rouser... I miss him!

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