01 March 2012

Travels With Ali

Bar Harbor, Maine  2007

The Loneliest Highway in the World, Route 50, Nevada  2008

With Flute Player, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC  2007

Amongst the Ancients, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC  2007

Distracting Photographer, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming  2007

As Shadow Pictograph, Monument Valley, Utah  2008

Filling the Void, Arches National Park, Utah  2008

Thinking about Clyde, Route 50, Nevada  2008

Photographing Ali & Nora-Jane, Empire State Building, NYC  2007

©  R o g e r   M i n i c k   2 0 1 2

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  1. I LOVE THESE!!! I am so flattered! Thank you!!!